Who We Are

Our Staff


Eric Thompson, Executive Director

617-849-8512 ericthompson@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and JD from Northeastern University School of Law

Fun Fact: Eric is a tennis weekend warrior.


Lauren Ravello, Program Director and Site Director, Mother Caroline Academy

(617) 792-4494 laurenravello@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree and M.Ed from University of Massachusetts Boston, and MSW from Boston College

Fun Fact: Lauren has competed in amateur dance competitions.

Jaclyn Miller-Barbarow, CFRE, Director of Giving

617-297-7887 jaclynmillerbarbarow@evkids.org

Education: Bachelors degree from Emory University and M.A. in Nonprofit Organizations from the University of Georgia, Certified Fund Raising Executive

Fun Fact: Jaclyn has a penchant for adverbs and likes to bake cookies for her coworkers.

Scott Pyzik, Associate Director for Tutor Engagement, Tutor Chaplain

617-862-9411 scottpyzik@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's University and Master's in Theology and Ministry from Boston College

Fun Fact: Scott can clap with his feet!


Jennifer Bufithis-Hurie, Associate Program Director and Site Director, DeWitt Center

(617) 379-1592 jenniferbufithishurie@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Beloit College

Fun Fact: Jenn likes to practice parkour around the streets of Boston in her free time.


Ashley Clavel, College Success Advisor

617-394-8374 ashleyclavel@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Stonehill College and M.S. in Human Services: Higher Education from Northeastern University

Fun Fact: Ashley loves to make her own pasta.



Jill Gerson, Education Advocate, St. Christopher's Church

617-297-7461 jillgerson@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Bates College

Fun Fact: Jill is the youngest of five children, loves to travel, and works as a freelance photographer.

Erin Ginnaty-Moore, Assistant Director of Giving

617-545-4630 eringinnatymoore@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and M.S. in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University

Fun Fact: Erin was part of a World Champion baton-twirling team when she was in high school.

Stephen Hakim, Camp Co-Director


Education: Bachelor's degree from Gettysburg College, M.Ed. in Education Leadership and Entrepreneurship from the Harvard Graduate School of Education

Fun Fact: Stephen loves to sing and dance to Sala and Batch music, feels connected to the African Leopard, and loves peanut butter cup ice cream!

Maria Henao, Education Advocate, Harbor Point and Camp Co-Director

617-294-9679 mariahenao@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin and Graduate Certificate in Cross-Cultural Communication from Northeastern University

Fun Fact: Maria loves to write, especially about spirituality in Spanish.

Doug Leon, Site Director, Harbor Point

617-294-9356‬ dougleon@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Bates College

Fun Fact: Doug is passionate about cool rocks and is excited to explore geology.



Catherine Mikula, Tutor Chaplain

617-297-7039 catherinemikula@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from the College of Holy Cross and current Master’s of Divinity student at Boston College

Fun Fact: Catherine is a singer, a bookworm, and loves to cook!

Tess Miller, Site Director, St. Christopher's Church

617-446-3588 tessmiller@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburg and M.A. in Counseling and Global Mental Health from William James College

Fun Fact: Tess enjoys spending time on and around the water.


Laura Morse, Education Advocate, Dewitt Center

617-329-9671 lauramorse@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from the University of Tennessee

Fun Fact: Laura grew up on a farm with chickens, goats, sheep, and a miniature horse.

Krina Patel, Education Advocate, EVkids Online

617-286-6089 krinapatel@evkids.org

Education: M.S.Ed. from Bank Street College of Education, M.Ed. in Technology in Education, and Ed.D. from Harvard University

Fun Fact: Krina loves to draw.

Sam Scheidt, Camp Co-Director


Education: Bachelor's degree from Luther College, Masters of Theological Studies from Boston College

Fun Fact: Sam loves cycling -- road cycling, mountain biking, and fat tire biking.

Shaun Slusarski, Tutor Chaplain

617-862-9417 shaunslusarski@evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Boston College, MTS from Notre Dame, current PhD candidate in Theological Ethics at Boston College

Fun Fact: Shaun has a major coffee addiction that runs into his ice cream preferences. His favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee Coffee.