Who We Are

Our Staff


Eric Thompson, Executive Director

617-849-8512 ericthompson[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Harvard University and JD from Northeastern University School of Law

Fun Fact: Eric is a tennis weekend warrior.


Lauren Ravello, Program Director and Site Director, Mother Caroline Academy

(617) 792-4494 laurenravello[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree and M.Ed from University of Massachusetts Boston, and MSW from Boston College

Fun Fact: Lauren has competed in amateur dance competitions.

Cindy Nguyen, Director of Giving

617-297-7590 cindynguyen[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's Degree from the College of the Holy Cross and MA in Philosophy from Boston College

Fun Fact: Cindy has a passion for cooking and enjoys learning to prepare dishes from various regions around the world!


Scott Pyzik, Associate Director for Tutor Engagement, Tutor Chaplain

617-862-9411 scottpyzik[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's University and Master's in Theology and Ministry from Boston College

Fun Fact: Scott can clap with his feet!


Jennifer Bufithis-Hurie, Associate Program Director

617-379-1592 jenniferbufithishurie[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Beloit College

Fun Fact: Jenn likes to practice parkour around the streets of Boston in her free time.



Ashley Clavel, Associate Director for College Success, College Success Advisor

617-394-8374 ashleyclavel[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Stonehill College and MS in Human Services: Higher Education from Northeastern University

Fun Fact: Ashley loves to make her own pasta.

Samantha Diaw, Education Advocate, EVkids Online

617-286-6089 samanthadiaw[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, currently pursuing a Master of Social Work at Boston College

Fun Fact: Samatha learned circus arts like the flying trapeze during her time as a summer camper and counselor.


Doug Leon, Education Advocate, Harbor Point

617-294-9356‬ dougleon[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Bates College

Fun Fact: Doug is passionate about cool rocks and is excited to explore geology.



Dasia Miles-Langaigne, College Success Advisor

617-286-4622 dasiamiles[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston

Fun Fact: Dasia knows how to fish and caught her first solo fish last summer.

Tess Miller, Site Director, St. Teresa Church Church

617-446-3588 tessmiller[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburg and MA in Counseling and Global Mental Health from William James College

Fun Fact: Tess enjoys spending time on and around the water.


Dana Morgenstein, Development Manager

Dana Morgenstein, Development Manager

617-297-7162 dana[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Boston University

Fun Fact: Dana paints pet portraits, including cats, dogs, and even lizards!


Walter Moyo, Site Director, Dewitt Center

(617) 297-7541 waltermoyo[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, Master's in Math Education and Curriculum from Boston University

Fun Fact: Walter is very determined! He has run a full and half marathon without any training.

Joan Philippe, Education Advocate, Dewitt Center

617-329-9671 joanphilippe[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra, Santiago Dominican Republic

Fun Fact: Joan is learning Portuguese, and watches series and movies on Netflix to practice her listening.

Shaun Slusarski, Tutor Chaplain

617-862-9417 shaunslusarski[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor's degree from Boston College, MTS from Notre Dame, current PhD candidate in Theological Ethics at Boston College

Fun Fact: Shaun has a major coffee addiction that runs into his ice cream preferences. His favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee Coffee.

Jessica Smith, Site Director, Harbor Point, Camp Co-Director

617-294-9679  jessicasmith[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from BYU-Hawai’i and MA in Peace Education from the UN Mandated University for Peace

Fun Fact: Jessica loves learning about and experiencing other cultures, especially through food and art.


Liz Turnwald, Assistant Director for Tutor Engagement, Tutor Chaplain, Camp Co-Director

617-297-7039 lizturnwald[at]evkids.org 

Education: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton, M. Div from Boston College

Fun Fact: Liz likes to make watercolor paintings and cards for her friends and family.


Kiara Velez, Education Advocate, St. Teresa Church

617-297-7461 kiaravelez[at]evkids.org

Education: Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida

Fun Fact: Kiara is passionate about creative writing, watching films, traveling, and nature.