Our Impact

Research & Data

For 40 years, EVkids has adapted and changed to meet the needs of children, youth, and families in Dorchester and Roxbury. The following is a sampling of the data that drove a summer camp to start an after-school tutoring and mentoring program, the growth from one Tutoring site to four, and the development of the College Success Project.

Who participates in EVkids?

  • 100-130 pairs served over four sites in Dorchester and Roxbury, plus one permanent virtual site
  • 80% of tutees return to EVkids tutoring every year
  • 2+ years is the average length of a tutor-tutee pair
  • 82% of tutees surveyed last year agreed with the statement, “I can solve most problems if I try hard.”


What is happening nationally?

  • 76% of Black public school students and 79% of Latinx students graduate high school within four year, compared to 88% of white public school students.
  • Low-income students are 5 times more and 6 times more likely not to graduate than their middle and high-income counterparts, respectively.


What is happening locally?

  • 24.7% of Boston Public School students fail to graduate within 4 years 
  • 88% of students who dropped out were Black of Latinx students
  • 45% of Boston adult residents have a bachelor’s degree
  • Only 25% of Dorchester adults have a bachelor’s degree 
  • 36% of Dorchester adults lack a high school diploma
  • Only 21% of Roxbury adults have a bachelor’s degree
  • 15% of Roxbury adults lack a high school diploma


Why focus on long-term tutoring relationships?

  • Low income students are 10% less likely to have a caring adult in their lives with access to effective college and career counseling 
  • Black students are 2 times more likely to say they wish they had more helpful adults in their lives

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