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EVkids matches college students with 4th-12th grade students for one-on-one, multi-year tutoring relationships in the Boston area. Support a young person to achieve their academic goals, while developing bonds that can last a lifetime!

Tutor Values


At EVkids, our tutors support their tutees develop the essential academic skills to thrive in and beyond the classroom. In the process, they enter into meaningful relationships with their tutees based on respect and mutuality. Our hope is that tutors will share themselves with their tutees and discover that they receive from their tutees as much as they give to them. 


At EVkids, we strive to create a culture of relationality. Not only do we build community among tutors and tutees, but we also provide space for our tutors to enter into meaningful relationships with one another. Tutoring can be filled with joys and challenges. By creating an environment where tutors can rely on each other for support and encouragement, tutors are able to serve their tutees with greater intentionality and generosity. 


At EVkids, we take seriously the role of reflection in the tutor experience. We believe that self-reflection and spirituality (broadly defined) contribute positively to one’s own personal wellbeing. Deeper self-knowledge also enables tutors to develop more authentic bonds with their tutees. We hope this process of reflection helps tutors as they discern their vocational and career aspirations.

College Partnerships

All Boston-area college students are welcome to apply! Currently, our tutors come from the following schools: 

  • Boston College 
  • Emmanuel College
  • Harvard University 
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Lesley University
  • Northeastern University 
  • Tufts University 
  • UMass Amherst 
  • UMass Boston
  • Williams College

The Tutoring Commitment

The EVkids experience involves more than just tutoring. We engage students in programming that helps them to excel as tutors, to build friendships with other college students, and to reflect on what’s most important to them.

The EVkids commitment includes: 

  • Tutoring (one day per week) 
  • Tutor training (once at the beginning of the fall semester) 
  • Small Group Reflections (one hour-long session per month) 
  • Meetings with an Education Advocate (one half-hour session per semester) 
  • Meetings with Tutor Chaplains (one half-hour session per semester) 
  • Social Justice In-Service (one two hour session in the spring semester)

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