At the 2017 Moving On Ceremony, EVkids celebrated the accomplishments of tutees moving from 8th grade to high school, and high school to college, as well as their dedicated tutors who are graduating college.

Below are a few highlights from the day.

Kain, a middle school graduate, is pictured here with EVkids staff and his tutor of 4 years, Sam Phillips (BC ‘17). Thanks to your continued support, Kain and all of our graduates are ready for any upcoming challenge, and will become successful members of their new communities and schools! 


EVkids alum Franchesca Caceres, a rising senior majoring in psychology at UMassDartmouth, encouraged graduates to find their own inspiration for success.

“When I started my freshman year of college, I had a list of people I wanted to make proud and I had a list of people I wanted to prove wrong.” 

An EVkid for 8 years, Franchesca is a role model to our entire community because of her commitment to becoming a college graduate. 


When EVkids or their tutors graduate, they often stay in touch. Miguel Perez-Luna (Harvard ’15) came back to the Moving On Ceremony to support his former tutee, Alvaro, who will attend UMassBoston this fall. 

Miguel and Alvaro worked together for four years, and it is awesome to see their friendship continue beyond their time as a tutoring pair. Alvaro and Miguel truly show what EVkids is all about: Tutoring for School, mentoring for life. 


For more pictures of the event, visit our Facebook album here