2017-2018 Tutor Application

Your support has helped make the EVkids Tutoring Program uniquely long-term, comprehensive, and relationship-based: we recruit, train, and match EVcorps volunteers with children and teens from Boston’s inner city in multi-year tutoring and mentoring relationships.

The EVtutor-tutee relationship is closely supported by EVstaff, who provide professional School Advocacy (school visits, intervention, referrals and support for school transfers, college preparation and enrichment), and Family Advocacy (home visits, parenting support, crisis intervention). We work to (1) keep EVkids in school; (2) teach them positive “life skills” and habits of success; and (3) launch them into college or other post-graduate programs.

I would have never made it this far without EVkids. I walked in a shy sixth grader, and I am now a confident senior ready to enter college.”– Barbara Austin, EVkid ’10, now at Framingham State University

EVcorps  volunteers serve for 2 years on average with their tutee, and become life-long agents of positive social change. In Fall 2011 we expanded from Harvard to Boston College, allowing a 33% increase in our Tutoring Program, and in Fall 2014 initiated a cohort at Tufts University.

In SY14-15, EVkids averaged a 1.3 grade-year improvement in math computation as measured by the Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) (where .9 = one year/grade growth). Over the last nine years, 100% of EVkid seniors have graduated on time and gone on to college as first generation college attendees. Your support makes it all possible.

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