EVkids senior Sarah lives by a simple phrase: Just go for it. This motto has driven her throughout her life, from being born as a refugee to now being on the cusp of her college career.

After Sarah’s Kurdish family ran afoul of then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and were forced to flee the country, Sarah was born in Turkey, already a refugee. Her parents, wanting a better and safer life for their children outside of the shadow of political turmoil, came to America and eventually found a home in Dorchester.

The 9th of 11 siblings, Sarah also has a younger sister in the program. Growing up with older role models helped Sarah along her journey in school and as she began applying to colleges.

“It’s good to be younger ’cause I can see all the things my older siblings did,” she said. “Seeing them apply to colleges, go through the process, I realized what I wanted to do.”

As a part of EVkids, Sarah has also had the one-on-one support of her tutor Alex Flynn (BC ’17) for the last four years. Matched when they were both freshmen, their relationship began as tutoring, grew into mentoring, and has resulted in friendship.

“Alex has been there the whole time for me. I could send her a question at 12 a.m. and she’ll be right there to help me,” Sarah said. “We can talk about anything, whether it is school work or something in my life, it just flows. It’s the perfect match.”

Alex agrees, saying of Sarah, “I really appreciate how hard she works. We’ve gotten to know each other really well throughout the years. I know we’ll definitely stay in touch too.”

Sarah has been accepted to nine colleges, and has decided to attend Emmanuel College, where she will pursue her long-term goal of becoming a trauma surgeon. Thanks to her hard work, she already has several scholarship offers in hand to help finance the journey. She also plans to play volleyball at the collegiate level.

As she reflects on the support that has gotten her to where she is, Sarah says she is ready to be the one helping others. When asked what advice she would give to someone moving to America like she did, she responds:

“Don’t get discouraged about anything. If you put your mind to it, no matter what anyone else says, you’re gonna be able to do it. Don’t let anyone else bring you down. The only person in your way is yourself.”