• Eric Thompson, Executive Director

    A graduate of Harvard College and Northeastern University School of Law, Eric has been a child advocate for over 20 years. He comes to EVkids from Children’s Rights, a national advocacy law firm, where he was Senior Litigation Counsel. A Boston native, he is an experienced EVkids Camp counselor, and has previously spearheaded EVkids’ alumni drive and annual Gala as Board President and Gala Committee Co-chair. Eric brings to EVkids’ unique mentoring model his passion for education and commitment to helping young people succeed.

  • Lauren Ravello, Program Director

    Lauren oversees and administers EVkids‘ tutoring programs. Since joining EVkids in September 2003, her work, personality and presence have ensured regular attendance at tutoring and each tutor’s commitment to his or her EVkid‘s academic and personal growth. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Boston (B.A. in Education, M.Ed.) and an experienced social worker (M.S.W. from Boston College), Lauren enables tutees and their families to access necessary services and enhances family stability and support through advice and intervention. She was selected as an inaugural Highland Street Fellow at the Tufts Institute for Nonprofit Management and Research in 2015-2016.

  • Heather Angell, Tutor Director/Chaplain

    Heather is responsible for the EVcorps volunteers, working closely with our student coordinators on three campuses for recruitment and for individual and group support. Heather is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago (B.A., Theology) and Boston College (M.A., Pastoral Ministries).

  • Brittany Bachant, Site Director/Education Advocate

    Brittany oversees our second Dorchester tutoring site at the Harbor Point housing development while engaging families and teachers in every EVkid‘s success. Brittany is a graduate of Boston College where she led 4Boston’s volunteer team at the West End House’s after-school program and has taught middle and high school math through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

  • Joanna Sariles, Education Advocate

    Joanna is dedicated to helping our EVkids succeed, the same way various programs helped her while growing up in East Boston. She is a graduate of Emmanuel College (B.A., Global Studies) where she was a R.I.S.E. Scholar, is EMT-certified, and has worked in the Boston Public Schools through the AmeriCorps and Citizens Schools programs. Joanna is also a native Spanish speaker.

  • Karen D’Amato, Education Advocate

    Karen is an experienced educator and a poet, engaging teachers and families to create a community of support for each EVkid. She is a graduate of UMassAmherst (B.A., English) and UMassBoston (M.A., English; M.Ed., English Education). Karen most recently taught English to first-year students at Curry College, improving their reading, writing, and study skills in order to help their transition to college.


  • Jaclyn Barbarow, Director of Giving

    Jaclyn is EVkids‘ founding Director of Giving, developing the resources necessary to bring EVkids’ transformative programs to more EVkids. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Organizations with a concentration in Community Organizing from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies from Emory University. She has worked in nonprofit organizations for her entire professional career, including eight years in fundraising prior to joining EVkids‘ leadership team. 


    Kendall is a recent graduate of the University of Georgia, now serving for a year with EVkids through the Americorps VISTA program. While in college, Kendall worked in the leadership of on-campus service organizations, helping students make authentic connections within the community where they worked. At EVkids, she spearheads outreach to tutor and tutee alumni, to keep them connected to the EVkids community and to leverage their accomplishments in support of the EVkids mission.


    Aidan is a recent graduate of Tufts University, serving for a year with EVkids through the Americorps VISTA program. While at Tufts, Aidan joined fellow college athletes in tutoring high school students in a nearby town. At EVkids, Aidan amplifies the inspiring work of volunteer tutors to show the deep impact tutors and tutees have on one another’s lives.