EVkids (grades 4-12) come from the most disadvantaged neighborhoods and schools of Boston.  Through determination, hard work and your support100% of  EVkid seniors have graduated and gone on to college over the last seven years. Thank you for helping us help them along the way.

EVkids celebrate with former EVkid, Latoyia Edwards, Emerson College graduate and news anchor on NECN.

EVkids celebrate with former EVkid, Latoyia Edwards, Emerson College honors graduate and prime-time news anchor on NECN.

Recent Grads




Franchesca graduated from St. Joseph prep in Brighton. She was accepted at all eleven of the colleges she applied to!  Congratulations to her, and to her EVcorps mentor Krista Johnston who helped her negotiate the application process. She is attending UMassDartmouth.





Derick graduated from Cristo Rey High School after seven years with EV. His parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic and he is the first in his family to go to college. He attended the College of Mount St. Vincent in New York City and is now at UMassBoston.



After seven years with EV, Kathy graduated from Cathedral High School and is now at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is the first in her family to go to college and leads the way for her little sister, also an EVkid. Kathy’s Harvard tutor for her last three years has kept in touch with her beyond graduation.



Anthony started with EV when he was in 5th grade. With the help of three tutors over eight years, Anthony made much progress and graduated from Trinity High School where he was on the track team. He now attends the University of Massachusetts Boston.



Despite many struggles during her eight years with EV, Brittany did not give up; she graduated from Dorchester Academy. She was supported by the consistent encouragement of her EVtutors since the 4th grade, her last tutor standing by her for four years. She attends Bunker Hill Community College.



The first in her family to go to college, Barbara graduated from the Social Justice Academy after seven years with EV. Barbara was matched with her first EVtutor for four years and her second EVtutor for three years. Accepted to three local colleges, she is attending Framingham State University.



Track star Kemi graduated from O’Bryant High School of Math and Science after six years with EV. Her three EVtutors helped Kemi through numerous challenges in high school; together they set goals and stayed focused. She is attending Northeastern University.



Saida graduated from Excel High School in South Boston after two years with EV. Saida overcame her reluctance to apply to college after spending some time on the Harvard campus with her EVtutor. She is attending Bunker Hill Community College.



Jason graduated from Jeremiah Burke High School after nine years with EV. With the help of his three EVtutors, including four years with his most recent tutor, Jason overcame homelessness and is the first in his family to attend college. Accepted at five colleges, including Suffolk University, Jason is attending the University of Massachusetts Boston.



Kadiatu graduated from Another Course to College after one year with EV. A recent immigrant from Sierra Leone, English is not her first (or even second) language. Her EVtutor helped her with essays and college applications. Accepted at three colleges, she is attending Bunker Hill Community College. She is the first member of her family to attend college and, as the oldest, is paving the way for her siblings.