2016-2017 Tutor Application

Address questions to HeatherAngell [at] evkids.org.

EVcorps volunteers are students recruited from top universities who commit to a multi-year, one-on-one tutoring and mentoring relationship with an inner-city child or teen. Your support provides EVcorps volunteers ongoing training, regular family and school advocacy for their EVkids, and an opportunity to reflect with peers on their service experience. They average 24 months of service and graduate from EVkids to become life-long agents of positive social change.

In partnership with the Harvard Catholic Center, the Boston College student organization 4Boston, and the Tufts University Chaplaincy, we provide volunteers with avenues for reflection, spiritual exploration and personal growth through their service experience. EVkids thereby multiplies the impact of our work by seeding in future professionals and leaders a deep awareness of critical social needs and the desire and ability to address them.

Thank you for making EVkids’ work possible for over 30 years.

“I am honored to have been a part of the growth of EVkids … over the past 4 years. EVkids will always have a very special place in my heart. … I have accepted a position in the Match Teacher Residency in Boston next year. I applied for this position because of my experience with EVkids, which has instilled in me a passion for teaching and service. I do not want my service to end once I graduate!”

Molly Connor, Boston College ’15

EVkids gave me exactly what I was looking for, a chance to effect change in urban education by working with my tutee on a regular and intimate basis.”

Colin Curtin, Boston College ’12 (now with Teach for America)

“Joining EVkids was the most important and the best decision I made throughout my college years. I knew I was going to teach, but it was those Wednesday afternoons at EVkids that ignited my passion for urban education. Fifteen years later, I am teaching at an inner-city school in Dorchester, and have sent many of my students to EVkids tutoring and camp.”

Millicent Hartgering, Lesley ‘93

EVkids cemented and strengthened in me my life’s goal of making a positive difference in people’s lives. I strive to continue that sense of purpose that was honed during my years with EVkids. As an attorney in Los Angeles, I provide free legal services to low-wage workers. And I see my work as a continuation of the work I started doing with EVkids.”

José Tello, Harvard ‘95